LANCI IMPRESORES, a leader company in the graphic industry for 25 years, is dedicated to the production of board and microcorrugated packaging, supplying to the most varied sectors of the national industry, always offering the highest quality.

Since 1982 it has been the main supplier of the argentine fishing industry and in the latest years it has managed to enter with its packaging into the exigent fishing markets of Japan, Spain, France and Italy, surpassing the standards required for organisms like F.D.A. (USA), E.C. (Europe) and J.S.L. (Japan), for packaging in contact with foods.

This is possible because of the strategic alliance that Lanci Impresores S.R.L. and Cartonerķa Acevedo S.A.C.I. have created to offer integral packaging solutions, day by day, to our clients.

 To adapt the productive capacity to the new requirements of the globalized market, LANCI IMPRESORES has its modern establishment fit up with three offset printing presses of 2, 4 and 5 colors.

They also do the highshine varnishing process, automatic die cutter - discardboarding machine, gluing machine of 4 and 6 points with computerized for sticking with hot-melt, folders and spools paraffin wax machine and polyethylene printed machines, assuring a completely integrated plant.

 Thanks to that technology and the high capacity of the personnel they process 2000 tons of board a year putting LANCI IMPRESORES among the top 10 companies of the area in the national order.


In 1993 it was awarded with the international award ARCO EUROPA Estrella de Oro, granted by J* Ban Imagen Arte (Spain) in acknowledgement to the quality and the innovation of their products.